415th Wilhelm & Else Heraeus Seminar

Quarks and Hadrons in strong QCD

17th of March 2008 - 20th of March 2008

Preliminary Program


Registration is open on Sunday, 16th of March 17:00-19:00, Monday, 17th of March, 08:00-09:00, and 14:00-15:00.


Preliminary Program
Time Monday Time Tuesday Time Wednesday Time Thursday
09:00 Pennington
Quarks and hadrons in strong QCD
09:00 Zwanziger
Gluon plasma at high temperatures
09:00 Bruckmann
Instanton constituents in the O(3) model
09:00 Alkofer
09:40 Simonov
QCD vacuum and hadrons
09:40 Di Giacomo
The phase diagram of N_f=2 QCD : an update
09:30 Greensite
Symmetry and Confinement
09:40 Szczepaniak
From gluons to glue-lumps and hybrids
10:20 ---Coffee Break--- 10:20 ---Coffee Break--- 10:10 ---Coffee Break--- 10:20 ---Coffee Break---
10:50 Llanes-Estrada
Color confinement and parton-nucleon scattering amplitude
10:50 Moraes
10:40 Olejnik
An approximate vacuum state of temporal-gauge Yang-Mills theory in 2+1 dimensions
10:50 Andrianov
Spontaneous P-parity breaking in strong QCD at large baryon density
11:20 Fischer
Confinement and dynamical chiral symmetry breaking in Landau gauge QCD
11:20 Miskowiec
ALICE on the threshold of wonderland
11:05 Schwenzer
A more detailed picture of the IR regime of Landau gauge Yang-Mills theory
11:10 Watson
Schwinger-Dyson Studies in Coulomb Gauge
11:50 Williams
Chiral effects in meson phenomenolgy
11:30 Pene
Converging indications from Slavnov-Taylor identities, Dyson Schwinger equations and lattice QCD
11:40 Furui
Roles of the color antisymmetric ghost propagator in the IR-QCD
12:15 Krassnigg
Meson spectroscopy from the Bethe-Salpeter equation
12:00 Aguilar
Getting an IR-finite ghost propagator in the Feynman gauge
12:00 Silva
Measuring Landau gauge gluon and ghost infrared exponents from lattice QCD
12:45 Dreisigacker
The Wilhelm and Else Heraeus Foundation
12:20 Ilgenfritz
The lattice gluon propagator in numerical stochastic perturbation theory
13:00 ---Lunch break--- 11:50 ---Lunch Break--- 12:45 ---Lunch break--- 12:20 ---Lunch break---
15:00 von Smekal
Modified Lattice Landau Gauge
13:30 Excursion 15:00 Sorella
Remarks on the gluon and ghost propagator in the maximal Abelian gauge
14:00 Schmitt
The PANDA Experiment at FAIR
15:40 Pawlowski
Confinement, chiral symmetry breaking and the QCD phase diagram
Excursion 15:40 Vandersickel
The IR behavior of the gluon and the ghost propagator in the Landau gauge (within the Gribov-Zwanziger framework)
14:30 Höhne
The CBM Experiment at FAIR
16:20 Papavassiliou
Landau-gauge gluon and ghost propagators from gauge invariant Schwinger-Dyson equations
Excursion 16:05 Mendes
Infrared propagators in MAG and Feynman gauge on the lattice
15:00 Nicmorus
Electromagnetic properties of baryons in a Faddeev equation approach
16:45 ---Coffee break--- 17:00 Skullerud
Quark and gluon propagators in dense 2-colour matter
16:30 ---Coffee break--- 15:25 Thomas
Latest Developments in Hadron Structure
17:15 Gattringer
Dressed Polyakov Loops on the Lattice
17:30 Nickel
Color-superconductivity from a Dyson-Schwinger perspective
17:00 Cucchieri
Gribov confinement scenario 30 years later: status and perspectives from Lattice QCD
16:05 ---End of workshop---
17:55 Wipf
Spectral sums of Dirac Operator and Polyakov loops
18:00 Schaefer
QCD phase diagram with effective models
17:40 Maas
More on the impact of Gribov copies in Landau gauge
18:35 Marhauser
Confinement in Polyakov gauge
18:30 Gies
Properties of strongly coupled QCD from renormalization flows
18:10 Müller-Preussker
Landau gauge lattice gluon and ghost propagators in the infrared
19:00 ---End of Day--- 19:10 ---End of Day--- 18:40 ---End of Day---


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