EMMI workshop

Quarks, Hadrons, and the Phase Diagram of QCD

31st of Aug. 2009 - 3rd of Sept. 2009, St. Goar


Registration is open on Sunday, 30th of August 17:00-19:00, Monday, 31st of August, 08:00-09:00, and 14:00-15:00.

Wellcome Dinner: Sunday 19:30


Preliminary Program
Time Monday Time Tuesday Time Wednesday Time Thursday
Chair: Fischer Chair: Pawlowski Chair: Schroeder Chair: Litim
09:00 Weise
Modelling the Phases of QCD
09:00 Fodor
The transition temperature in lattice QCD
09:00 Berges
QCD Plasma Instabilities and Nonthermal Fixed Points
09:00 Arnold
Gluon bremsstrahlung in QCD plasmas at very high energy
09:40 Schaefer
Chiral and deconfinement aspects of (2+1) flavor QCD
09:40 Karsch
The (magnetic) equation of state of (2+1)-flavor QCD
09:40 Cassing
Covariant transport approach for strongly interacting partonic systems
09:40 De Forcrand
Looking for the QCD critical point on the lattice
10:20 ---Coffee Break--- 10:20 ---Coffee Break--- 10:20 ---Coffee Break--- 10:20 ---Coffee Break---
Chair: Wipf Chair: Klein Chair: Arnold Chair: Maas
10:50 Warringa
Implications of topological charge fluctuations on heavy ion collisions
10:50 Stachel
Information on the Phase Boundary from Hadron Yields or the Unreasonable Success of the Thermal Model
10:50 Pawlowski
The phase diagram of two flavour QCD
10:50 D'Elia
Thermodynamics and the phase diagram of QCD from imaginary chemical potentials
11:15 Fukushima
Phase Diagram and Thermodynamics from the PNJL Model
11:20 Schweda
(Some) Bulk Properties at RHIC
11:15 Sexty
Complex Actions and Stochastic Quantisation
11:15 Borsanyi
The QCD equation of state
11:40 Gies
Universal aspects of many-flavor QCD
11:40 von Smekal
The SU(2) deconfinement transition in 2+1 dimensions: critical couplings from twisted boundary conditions and universality
11:40 Langfeld
Large chemical potentials at low temperatures in dense fermionic systems
12:05 Maas
Describing gluons at zero and finite temperature
12:05 Klein
Scaling Analysis of the two-flavor phase transition
12:05 Nickel
Chiral crystalline phases in NJL-type models
12:30 Zwanziger
Infrared Behavior in QCD
12:30 Fischer
Chiral and deconfinement transitions from Dyson-Schwinger equations
12:30 Mueller
Critical scaling at the chiral phase transition
12:55 ---Lunch break--- 11:50 ---Lunch Break--- 12:55 ---Lunch break--- 12:55 ---Lunch break---
Chair: Braun ---Excursion--- Chair: von Smekal Chair: Cassing
15:00 Reinhardt
Hamiltonian Approach to Yang-Mills Theory in Coulomb Gauge
---Excursion--- 15:00 Pisarski
Quarkyonic Matter, a Triple Point, and Chiral Spirals in QCD
14:15 Schroeder
QCD thermodynamics at weak coupling
15:40 Friman
Fluctuations near the chiral critical endpoint
---Excursion--- 15:40 Braun
From Quarks and Gluons to Hadrons: Functional Renormalization Group Studies of QCD at Finite Temperature and Chemical Potential
14:55 Schaffner-Bielich
Astrophysical and cosmological explorations of the QCD phase diagram
16:20 Wagner
Can we locate the QCD critical endpoint with the Taylor expansion ?
17:00 Friese
Exploring dense matter at FAIR: The CBM experiment
16:20 Watson
Coulomb gauge and Schwinger-Dyson equations
15:35 Rischke
Complete second-order dissipative relativistic fluid dynamics
16:45 ---Coffee break--- 17:30 Skullerud
Quark and gluon properties in dense 2-colour QCD
16:45 ---Coffee break--- 16:15 ---End of Workshop---
Chair: Schaefer Chair: Gies Chair: Reinhardt
17:15 Wipf
Dual Condensates
17:55 Ilgenfritz
The finite-temperature phase structure of lattice QCD with twisted-mass Wilson fermions
17:15 Blaizot
Exact renormalization group at finite temperature
17:55 Kaminski
Useful Results from the AdS/CFT Correspondence?
18:20 Fernandez-Fraile
Viscosities in the hadron gas
17:55 Gomez-Nicola
Chiral Symmetry and meson gases: Recent developments
18:35 Ewerz
Screening in the Wind of Strongly Coupled Plasmas
18:45 Wozar
G_2 Gauge Theories -- Effective Polyakov Loop Models, Casimir Scaling and the Gauge-Higgs Phase Diagram
18:20 Haas
On the chiral phase transition at finite chemical potential and vanishing temperature
19:00 ---End of Day--- 19:10 ---End of Day--- 18:45 ---End of Day---
19:30 ---Dinner--- 19:30 ---Dinner--- 19:30 ---Dinner---


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